Anatomical models educational of the joints, normal, with arthritis, with osteoporosis, flexible, with the ligaments, and the


Models anatomical educational human joints

The joints are organs junctional between the heads of the bones are interconnected via the connective tissues.

Depending on their different mobility, that is, of their excursion, they can be mobile (for example the shoulder joint), semimobile (between the vertebrae) or hard (bones of the skull). Are divided into sinartrosi (which include the anfiartrosi, separate in the other classifications) and diartrosi.

The study of human joints must be done on anatomical models of the joints in 3D.
A model of articulation can be observed and replicate exactly how you move the bones involved in the joint studied.

Orthopedists, physiotherapists, and osteopaths, use the model of the joint to improve communication with their patients, a model of articulation that will save you a thousand words during the explanation of a pathology such as osteoarthritis or arthritis but also bursitis, tendonitis or synovitis, and more in general to clarify to the patient the scenario on which you are speaking.

In this section of the site you will find all the joints on the skeleton of the human body 3B Scientific, Erler Zimmer, and from SOMSO-plast, the three largest manufacturers of anatomical models human.

You will also find the functional articulations with ligaments and muscles, such as the model of the skeleton of the foot, 3B Scientific M34/1, or the functional model of the knee joint Erler Zimmer,

Models of articulation with the prosthesis

Special mention should be made for the models of articulation with the prosthesis, which are now well-established as tools insopstituibile for orthopedists and physiotherapists, we recommend that you take a look at the model of the hip joint with protesthe , or the articulation of the knee prosthesis, both products from the house of the German Erler Zimmer.

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