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The skeleton of the leg

The skeleton of the leg

Here you will find a wide selection of products for the study of the anatomy of the skeleton of the leg.

The lower limbs (or pelvic) are the appendages that articulate with the trunk at its bottom. The lower limbs in man, to serve as locomotion.

Proceeding from the top to the bottom, the lower limb is divided into six regions, three of which are joint:

  1. Hip: firm the lower limb to the trunk, with the coxo-femoral joint that is established between the hip bone and the femur. Includes the buttock (on the rear) and the front is identified by the fold of the groin.
  2. Thigh: the proximal segment, which is long and voluminous. Equipped with a powerful musculature and a range hypodermic that can accumulate relatively large proportion of body fat.
  3. Knee: it contains the joint, the largest in the human body, connects the femur to the tibia, with the patella to stabilize the movements. Includes the region of the popliteal, at the rear.
  4. Leg: properly so-called, in anatomical terms, is the only intermediate segment of the lower limb, that includes a muscles particularly well developed in the rear (the so-called calf), while anteriorly it is easy to observe and palpate the projection of the tibia (commonly known as the shin).
  5. Ankle: covers the tibio-tarsal or talo-crural, the device which on the surface, you observe the reliefs of the malleolus, medial and lateral. Later he appreciates the tendon calcaneale or Achilles.
  6. The foot: the third segment, the distal limb, including the fingers and the joints between the 26 bones and more of the structure, with numbers, variables, elements sesamoidi and accessories. The upper portion, in the anatomical position, is called the back, the lower one plant.

The models of the lower limb include the structure of the bones of the leg, and is essential to the study of the anatomy at the level of skeleton.

Anatomical models more advanced allow us to study the joints of the leg, in their entirety, and include the representation of the ligaments and muscles, is the case of the representation of the leg and pelvis muscles, a excellence of the German company SOMSO-plast. The limb is detachable into 10 parts, and includes in detail all the anatomical structures of the skeletal and muscle of the human leg.

The bones of the skeleton of the leg

Particular mention should be made for the models x-ray, made of the bones of the real, and is specifically designed for use in the context radiological,

These models are indispensable in the training of scientific and technical, inherent in the training of the personnel now to the services of radiology. If you are willing to purchase models radiological recalls that in accordance with the european regulations you will need to provide a certification from the hospital, the university, attesting to the use in the field of medical science.

Among the anatomical models of the skeleton of the leg for radiology, you can take a look at the simulator of the knee joint for the training in the field of radiological Erler zimmer, one of the most beautiful models available on the market

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The skeleton of the leg


Modello di scheletro del piede con legamenti e muscoli 3B Scientific M34/1
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Anatomically detailed model of removable foot and calf in 6 removable pieces.

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3B Scientific, modello di scheletro del piede, con legamenti M34
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3B Scientific, skeleton...
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This detailed model highlights numerous important ligaments and tendons, including the Achilles tendon and long ankle tendon.

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