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The brain

Models of the human brain

The models of the human brain can be studied effectively with the facilities anatomichel of the human brain.

The brain is the main organ of the central nervous system present in vertebrates and in all animals a bilateral symmetry, including humans. In vertebrates the brain is located at the apex of the neuraxis, within the skull. The correct term to indicate the whole of the structures contained within the skull is the brain, where the brain is a part. The brain is responsible, together with the endocrine system, part of the regulation of vital functions and is the seat of the adjustments to homeostatic and higher brain functions.

To those who are facing the anatomical models of the human brain?

The models of the human brain are used by scholars, doctors, scientists, students, and all professionals working in the health sector is currently involved in the study of the anatomy of the human brain.

The study of the internal structures of the brain on paper is not enough. To understand the anatomy of the human brain is neseccario an anatomic model 3D, that the quality is good, faithful to the original and detachable. The brain is removable , in fact, allows in-depth analysis of the internal anatomical structures of the brain.

In addition, the anatomical models will allow the professional to facilitate the relationship with the patient, having at their disposal an accurate model that helps to explain the pathologies, and to illustrate the scenarios on which you are working.

Why buy an anatomical model of the brain 3D?

A model of the brain of the very highest quality: the best tool for the study of the anatomy of the human brain, and is used by doctors and professionals to explain to patients various diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, depression, epilepsy, tumor, migraine, Parkinson's disease, etc...

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The brain


3B Scientific, modello funzionale di cervello umano, scomponibile in 8 parti, C22
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3B Scientific, Functional...
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Median sectional pattern, illustrates on the right side the cerebral cortex with distinct areas for color. The left half shows in different colors: the pre and postcentral regions of the Broca and Wernicke areas the transversal time lapse ...

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3B Scientific, modello anatomico di cervello, con arterie, con testa, in 8 parti C25
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3B Scientific, anatomical...
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This luxury didactic model with a median section shows the brain arteries: the basilar artery with its branching is detachable.

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