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Anatomical models for studying the human anatomy is the site of the Italian leader in the sale of anatomical models, posters, anatomical, sun loungers, portable simulators, doctors, and books of anatomy.

Anatomical Models 3B scientific and Erler Zimmer are the best there is to study the anatomy of the human body, the catalogue of anatomical models includes models of the skull, split, colorful, skulls, anatomical, skulls on a tripod, and the top model, the skull in 22 parts, magnetic slot.

The skeleton of the vertebral column, on a tripod, or from suspension, anatomical models of the spine and posters anatomical study. Including the set of vertebrae to study the anatomy of the vertebral column.

Anatomical models of joints of the foot, knee, leg, hand, elbow, shoulder, pelvis, anatomical models of the function of the joints, even on a tripod. The study of the hip joint. In addition, there are models of complete human skeleton, hanging, or on a tripod, with the numbering of the bones, or flexible, so that the movements of the joints of the human skeleton are all perfectly playable.

The section dedicated to the models of the heart, the cardiology, offering anatomical models of the human heart, to every need, even on a tripod, the enlarged model is the hardware settings serial perfect for the study of the anatomy of the heart.

This and much more is in the section dedicated to the models anatomical, eye, teeth, ear, nose and throat, and anatomical models for obstetrics and gynecology, for the study of the anatomy of the pelvis and of the pelvis of the human.

What's the use of anatomical models teaching?

The anatomical models teaching are reproductions of anatomical structures perfectly identical to the real ones, the models of the bones are made from a scan of the bones to be true, the tactile experience is absolutely realistic, and also the weight of the bones is roughly equal to the weight of the bones is true.

They are indispensable for the study ofhuman anatomy, today it is possible to observe the anatomical structures without the need to dissect corpses or effettuari studies dangerous on patients alive.

Medical students use anatomical models to their studies of human anatomy, studying anatomy on the books is not enough, a model of anatomical allows a study of much more accurate than a photo or a drawing on a book.

Doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and health professionals use anatomical models to give explanations to patients about diseases, saving precious time during the explanation, that becomes much more effective.

How to choose the model anatomical teaching more suited to my needs?

On tuttoanatomia you will find the largest catalog of anatomical models existing in Italy, therefore the choice is not always easy, if you need help or advice please do not hesitate to contact us on the chat at the bottom right, or via phone or email.

Our skilled operator will be able to advise the best anatomical model teaching most suited to your needs.

Anatomical models

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