Simulators, Medicine

What are the simulators of medicine?

In medical training university using simulators in medicine to allow students to do practical training without having to intervene on the patients true.

Simulators in medicine are the products with high technologies to play during the training phase a scenario that is as more as possible realistic, so that the educational experience takes place in an environment as similar as possible to the real one.

The mannequins for the simulation of medical are increasing their diffusion and in lieu of the volunteer patients in order to train medical personnel to perform various procedures without the risk of causing serious damage to a human being.
There are simulators of surgery, laparoscopy, microsurgery, to enable practice to perform and sutures, but also simulators, gynecology and endoscopy.

Particularly important are the simulators for practice rediologiche, which allow the formation of the scanning X-ray or CT scan, without having to subject a patient to an irradiation of continuous ionizing radiation.

Finally, the simulators first aid, very useful to the medical staff and for the training to perform those maneuvers that if applied correctly can make the difference in a scenario of crisis, when human life is at risk.

On the website finds all the simulators, the doctors for the most important applications in training and education medical and scientific.

Simulators, Medicine