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Human Skulls

For the study of the bones of the human skull the best thing to do is to adopt one of the human skulls teaching present in this category.
The printing of anatomical models in 3D gives us the possibility to choose between many different products, each to meet a different kind of demand.
In these lines you will find a small guide to orient yourself in the choice of the best skull teaching to your needs.

Human skulls educational separable

Anatomical models of human skulls, educational separable, colorful skulls to study the anatomy of the human body, skulls, taken from a natural cast, made of PVC.

Whatever the model you need, on tuttoanatomia you will find the largest catalog of human skulls available in the market, with the best prices available.

Base models are disassembled into three parts: skullcap, base of the skull and the mandible, and are the ideal tool for the first studies of the anatomy, if you need more detailed information you can try the skulls with colouring or numbering of the bones.

If you are a professional in the most demanding, you can take a look at the models and more advanced, such as the skull from SOMSO-plast, which is entirely produced by hand, or the skulls BONELIKE™, which are the skulls more realistic at the global level.

Human skulls to study the anatomy

Our selection of human skulls to study the anatomy are also part of the skull can be disassembled into 22 parts in the natural color of the bones or bony plates the color-coded, skulls of fetuses, skulls, pathological and a skull dental teeth removable.

The reproduction of the skull, 3B Scientific and Erler Zimmer is absolutely real, all the anatomical details of the human skull are faithfully represented, including the weight of the bones of the didactic corresponds approximately to the weight of the bones is true. The skulls Erler Zimmer are made with special interlocking magnetic that makes the mount of the skulls, absolutely simple, and allow for the construction of models extremely faithful to the natural at a price very affordable.

Models of human skulls and teaching with the brain

In this category you will find even the best selection of models of human skulls and teaching with the brain, it is complete models of human skulls, the skull was inserted into a model of the human brain, in the models and more advanced, it is possible to study the vasculature of the skull, as in the case of the skull didactic deluxe in 7 parts of 3B Scientific, in which the one half is transparent and the other half bone, to be able to study in the mini all details of the anatomical structures of the cranial vault and the bones of the skull.

In the section dedicated to the skulls, anthropological found a series of human skulls dedicated to the study of the natural sciences, you will be impressed by the exceptional quality of these products and the quality/price ratio of these products.

You will find these and thousands of other extraordinary learning objects, anatomical in the shop

In this category you will find the skulls with the muscular insertions, the skulls on the stand, the reproduction of the atlas and the axis, the skulls made of BONElike™,

The skull is colored in the 22 detachable parts, exploded view, the human skulls snap-fit magnetic are the best anatomical models available on the market, products from 3B scientific, Erler zimmer, and SOMSO-plast offered at the best prices available.

Why buy a human skull for study of anatomy?

The use of a skull for study of anatomy is the best method.

The human skull consists of 22 bones and it is difficult to deepen the study of the anatomy of this anatomical structure in the absence of a 3D model. The human skulls to study the anatomy that you find on the tuttoanatomia are all originated from casts, natural, and made with manufacturing processes, high-definition, which will allow you to have a tactile experience absolutely realistic.

Also the weight of the bones of the anatomical models of the skull corresponds approximately to the weight of the bones is true.

You can not choose the model of the human skull removable most suited to your needs?

Choose a model of the human skull removable can be tricky when it has to do with a catalog so large, for this reason tuttoanatomia puts at your disposal a skilled operator who knows all the skulls teaching and their field of application.

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They are the best tools to study the human anatomy

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