Simulators for Radiology

Simulators for Radiology

What are the simulators of radiology?

In the medical field, radiology is a branch of medicine that deals with produce and interpret radiological images for diagnostic purposes or therapeutic.

Today it is more properly of the term diagnostic imaging, meaning that the radiology should be framed in the field of science for images, using all the technologies available for the production of medical images for diagnostic purposes, differentiated according to the physical principle that you use to obtain them.

There are radiology, TC, echography, and magnetic resonance imaging.

The branch of medicine that uses ionizing radiation for therapeutic purposes is the radiation therapy, using the principle that some specific types of ionizing radiation, certain assays are cytotoxic to biological tissues in human.

Radiology is dangerous?

Absolutely not, but for training it is necessary to repeat the x-ray examination in order to acquire the skills that allow d to avoid repeating the examination on a patient true, it then becomes necessary to develop the training of future physicians radiologists on mannequins specially constructed, and whose typical response to exposure to ionizing radiation are the most possible similar to those of a true patient.

For this reason we use the simulators for medicine, x-ray, some are made by using the bones to be true, in other cases they are made of synthetic materials in which the response to the exposure to ionizing radiation, said number of Hounsfield, it is absolutely realistic and that make the esercitazone as on a real patient.

Why buy a simulator doctor?

The schools of medicine, education and training institutions and of the specialisation courses for young doctors are using simulators for the training of young doctors and the practices that they will confront in their life professonale.

Simulators for Radiology