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Automated External defibrillators AEDS

Automated External defibrillators

What is a automated external defibrillator?

The automated external defibrillator (or more briefly: AED) is a device that is life-saving “intelligent” and able to operate the procedures of rescue in case of cardiac arrest almost autonomously.

In the case of cardiac arrest it is sufficient to turn on the AED and attach the electrodes to the patient.

Once connected correctly the electrodes to the patient, the device performs a completely automatic way, one or more electrocardiograms, automated external defibrillator is able to determine if you need to deliver an electric shock to the heart.

More precisely, the defibrillator is able to “understand” if the patient has been suffering from cardiac arrest and, if the pace was defibrillabile, alerts the operator, of the need to deliver an electrical shock to the heart muscle.

At this point, the operator must only press the button of download.

How to operate automated external defibrillators?

The best automated external defibrillators currently on the market at the time of the opening begin in the procedure with a help item that explains to the rescuer the steps preliminary to perform.

Once you have made your before you begin the device to make a diagnosis ECG of the patient, and decide whether the patient needs an electric shock to the heart muscle.

Therefore, the voice guidance notifies the rescuer of the steps to take to properly dispense the shock cardiac to the patient and guides him in actions immediately after.

Why purchase an automatic external defibrillator?

According to what is stipulated by the Decree Balduzzi, the sports clubs, both amateur both teams, they have the requirement to have defibrillators within the established timeframe. For professional sports clubs, the maximum limit within which to comply with the new regulation is 6 months from the entry into force of the decree (i.e. by the day July 20, 2013).
The amateur sports clubs, however, have 30 months to comply with the law, always as from the come into force of the same decree. They are for the moment excluded of the obligation of the law sporting activities a reduced commitment to the cardiovascular, such as bocce, billiards, golf, fishing area, hunting sports, shooting sports, table games and similar.

Automated External defibrillators AEDS