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3B Scientific anatomical models, A291 Didactic Skull model divided into 22 coloured parts

Didactic skull model sectioned in 22 coloured parts

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3B scientific Anatomical models, A291 didactic skull model sectioned into 22 parts:

This anatomical model of the human skull represents the complete skull structure. It is sectioned into 22 parts, which have different colours so that they can be easily distinguished.

The didactic skull model is composed of many bones that adhere to each other.

The new 3B Scientific skull model is a natural mould that clearly demonstrates the complex structure of the skull as it can sectioned into 22 bones. Individual bones can be joined again thanks to the robust and almost invisible connection elements placed in the skull sutures.

For educational purposes, the 22 sections are represented in 9 different colors. So you can easily distinguish the various skull bones.

Studying the skull anatomy has never been so simple. In the anatomical model there are all skull bones:

  • Parietal bone
  • Occipital bone
  • Frontal bone
  • Temporal bone
  • Sphenoid
  • Ethmoid
  • Ploughshare
  • Zigomatic bone 
  • Upper jaw with teeth
  • Palatine bones 
  • Nasal cavity 
  • Lacrimal bone 
  • Nasal bone
  • Lower jaw with teeth

The A291 didactic skull model is produced in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), very durable, lightweight and resistant to corrosion. PVC resists reactions with acids, benzene alcohol and hydrocarbons.

Why buy this product

The 3B Scientific anatomical models are the best in the market, ideal for teaching, providing patient clarifications, for medical training.

Many doctors and practitioners acquire anatomical didactic models to highlight key points on topics such as skeleton, human musculature, joints and related pathologies (rheumatism, arthrosis, bursitis, synovitis, bursitis, tendinitis, cervical, ischialgia).

They can also be used as decorative accessories to personalize your medical studio.

Didactic skull model sectioned in 22 coloured parts